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#158972 Forum Organization

Posted by thatsfresh on 20 March 2013 - 04:29 PM

Speaking on behalf of the server, you have been rejected.

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#151380 admin

Posted by Ahkmed on 18 March 2010 - 10:28 PM

how is my english bad???

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#159129 WAT is a matter with these irregular admins

Posted by POWER on 08 May 2013 - 02:06 PM

IDK what happened but around 2pm today I was kicked for "mic spamming" when I was not mic spamming, I think the person I was talking to at the moment was either greenski or sneakyjihad and then when I tried to get back on the server later I was informed I was banned. I have no idea who the admin was or why they kicked me for mic spamming when I was barely even using my mic on the server and no one was complaining about any conversation going on. I think I around 25-7 at the time so it is not like anyone could of or would of assumed I was hacking or griefing my team at all especially with weeks of play time on the server. 


I am pretty butt hurt about this considering I am friends with almost all current server regulars and a few of the admins as well. I change my name a lot but I am always top 100 here and never ruin anyone else's game experience. I do not mic spam I am not mean and I am pretty loyal to this server. YES MAD.


Console should prove that no one was complaining about anything happening and who the admin was that banned. I believe there was someone with Hatter tag there but it was one that I, even in my hundreds of hours on the server, have never seen playing before.


Edit: It also may be worth mentioning that I am in the BoSS clan/community.



Most people know me by my picture/voice but I think a decent amount of ppl know me as POWERBOTTOM or REFUSESTOHS

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:45113701 



James Martin

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#159062 Ban Short Hair aka Orange

Posted by thatsfresh on 04 April 2013 - 07:13 PM

I'm not replying because there is no point arguing with them. I'm just going to ban them everytime they get on the server, simple as cheese.

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#158971 Forum Organization

Posted by korosys420 on 20 March 2013 - 03:55 PM

who the fuck are you?

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#158968 Hey peeps

Posted by Toby Flenderson on 20 March 2013 - 12:08 AM

Hey Den, welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy you're stay!

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#158904 Zombie Apocalypse

Posted by --B u b b z S2 on 12 March 2013 - 02:30 AM

YOOO. If there's a Zombie Apocalypse... Let's all get together and FUCK SOME SHIT UP. YEAAAAAAAAA!

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#158801 Admin...

Posted by Stubs on 19 February 2013 - 11:45 AM

Well, i don't play enough office to really say, but i'm goinna go with no since you've only been a member of the forums for 16 days and have 2 posts. Sorry, but BoSS admins are usually more veteran members of the community. That said, I'm trying to be online and more active as an admin so hopefull i can help out more.

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#158731 Unban request FRANK LUCAS

Posted by GENTLEMEN! on 05 January 2013 - 02:53 AM


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Posted by Ahkmed on 31 August 2011 - 09:15 PM

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#157097 Admin Abuse Everytime I see him

Posted by Becky on 08 August 2011 - 02:39 PM

You must be new here. I was the admin online. Yes I spawned grenades (for one round), but I gave them to everyone so that everyone could toss them and have fun. You started whining and disrespecting me saying it was 'admin abuse' so I demonstrated what admin abuse was by freezing you, blinding you and burning you in one round. And I told you this. Get over yourself buddy, its a game. No-one else on the server had a problem. You're lucky I didn't ban you for that disrespect you gave me.
Lastly, make sure you know your sh*t before you come crying to the forums.

Edit: And meatspin.com is where your opinion will actually matter. Also, 'everytime I see' when you're new to the server is kind of redundant.
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#157068 Extensive Admin abuse and lies

Posted by Scroll_Lock88 on 04 August 2011 - 04:16 PM

yeah well im sucha noob i dont even know how to make the picture show up instead of a link -_-

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#156726 banned again

Posted by Killian on 06 July 2011 - 02:57 PM

Why exactly are we banning people because admins are getting pub stomped?
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#149858 We need more admins

Posted by WhiteRabbit on 02 December 2009 - 02:53 PM

LAWLz at Peppy. "why do I keep losing to you? I'm ranked number 50!" what an ass.
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#145987 So... Thoughts on Flashbangs?

Posted by WhiteRabbit on 04 June 2009 - 06:52 PM

I'm loving the flashes, it's making me play office again.
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#145415 Cobra

Posted by WhiteRabbit on 20 May 2009 - 04:51 AM

Happy birthday man.
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#145173 And after a years break...

Posted by WhiteRabbit on 10 May 2009 - 05:27 PM

Welcome back.
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#121733 Wall of Shame

Posted by MainEvent on 13 November 2007 - 10:28 PM

I like. Keep 'em flowin'.
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#148350 Worst City ever???

Posted by WhiteRabbit on 01 September 2009 - 11:05 PM

Detroit Michigan might be the worst city. It has a bum at every corner asking your ass for money. The place smells like sewage, the roads are sh*tty and of course there are too many N*GGERS that shoot people!!

You know it's Flint.
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