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The way it should be

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Posted 31 July 2007 - 11:42 PM

Lol @ the French people who were so afraid of everything during wartime. I think it was more than 0.02% of French people.

Seriously do you see the way !@#$%^&s act? I try not to pre-judge people but Jesus if you turn on BET or Cops or the evening news you'll see that almost everyone in their race is crazy.

I don't have a problem with Jews but I really don't care when people say anything about them or any other race, it doesn't affect me and there's not a damn thing anybody can do about it.

Sticks and stones you knee grows!


The only thing is... We're not even talking about n1ggers. They're sand n1ggers. Either way, well put. Other than that... This c*nt gets all estrogen enraged and rants about racism to said "sand n1ggers". Although, "teh c*nt" (as I will always refer to him or her for their entire BoSS existence) doesn't blow a fuse in its vagina about the label put on the Bible. I don't care about the Bible and I don't care about the Koran, but I do care about equality when it comes to teh c*nt ravaging every last thing to rub its slimy c*nt on. I can go around all day calling white people crackers, Asians chinks, and little people midgets, but the second I mention n1ggers, spooks, jigs, porch monkies, nig nogs, or (even sadly) BLACK PEOPLE I am called out by teh c*nt itself. f*cking ridiculous.

Sarah Silverman put it best when she had the balls to say: "We only joke about people we aren't afraid of."

Let me end this rant by saying I'm not afraid of n1ggers, spics, or any type of dune coon and I will live out my life rather as a fearless bigot than a politically correct c*nt.

Now, teh c*nt, if you by any chance still need that n1gger baby aborted, I can take care of it at your local hardware store.

(I said c*nt 7 times in this post! That might be a record!)

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Sand n1gger pic [NWS]

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