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Announcement: Forum Guidelines

Posted by DarkShadow


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  • General Rules
  • Don't Advertise / Spam for websites.
  • Post in the Correct Forum.
  • Don't Fuck with Moderators.
  • No Talk about Nationalism, Politics or Religion.
  • Don't Troll Forums.

  • Advanced Rules
  • Forum Spam with idiotic posts, Take time with posting.
  • Racism is fine as long as it's not directed at somebody.
  • Show Respect to people, Treat them Equally.
  • Being Dramatic.

  • Posting
  • Take time with your posts. Don't type one sentence posts.
  • When starting a new post use a descriptive topic. You will be banned if you use a topic like "wow cool shit" or "funny stuff".
  • If your going to post or reply to a topic, Don't Flame people or try to start an Argument.
  • This is an open community with no age limitations, because of this many members live with parents. Also, alot of members troll this site from work. Try to be sensitive to both groups when linking sites. Pay attention to banner advertisements when doing this. If you are linking something with pornographic advertisements, pornography, or something you think could get someone in trouble at work/home please post a warning tag, NWS. Accidents will happen but please do your best in this area.

Failure to abid to our rules will result in a Permanent Ban.